EBL SFI-6 install & tuning thread

What is cAFR? It's 11.1 I see wideband says 9.9 Have you verified that timing it actually what it says?
cARF is commanded afr, the wideband is the actual. PE commanded AFR is 10.8. I think is was in PE at this point. I am still leaning out the 100 kpa cells slowly, then on the the boost bpw tables.

I had used a timing light way back when after installing the ebl, and setting the cam sensor, I remember seeing the correct timing. Though it won't hurt to check again.

After going the the log file, it seems I am getting more timing than what I have set in the bst sa tables, I have to be missing something somewhere, an offset or adder table.
17d and the afr is a fat 9.9.
Looking over a very long log now.

You can see the I have 5d getting pulled at this point. So I'm at 12d, removebeforeflight, is this correct?

The SA shown is the actual at crank SA. So the desired SA is 17 + 5 for 22* BTDC.

I think is was in PE at this point.

It was, note the PE indicator in yellow near the top of the screen grab. PE mode can be entered via enough TPS or a high MAP reading.

Thank you RemoveBeforeFlight. After digging further into the logs, I noticed that it started at 22*BTDC before pulling timing. Now, in the BST-SA table, I have timing set for 18-19 in that area. After further looking, I notice the CTS/IAT offset table, and I think at that temp, 73C, it is adding timing. I have a 160 stat, so the engine will always run around 160-180. The hottest it got Wednesday after 1 hour driving was 183. I may need to make some adjustments to that table.

Also, could the really rich AFR cause some knock? I've never really known it to do that, but...

Thanks again! I'll make changes to the tables tonight, and will try and drive the car again tomorrow to work.
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Also, could the really rich AFR cause some knock? I've never really known it to do that, but...

I have heard from a good source that excess fuel can cause knock. It may even be richer as 9.9 AFR is usually hitting the limit of the WB sensor & controller.

To get the VE squared away I was disconnecting the wastegate rod from the flapper arm. This allowed for more time at high loads without creating a bunch of boost.

Thank you for the reply. That's a great idea, I'll have to go and do that. This would get the 100kpa cells sorted then I can adjust the pw adder.
...then I can adjust the pw adder.

It is actually a multiplier table, by percentage. That table can both reduce the fuel (negative values) or increase the fuel (positive values). Reducing the fueling is typical when using positive displacement blowers as they are not as efficient as a turbo.

The ECM calculates the injector PW based on the 100 KPa column of the VE table. This injector PW is then changed by the percentage in the boost multiplier table. As an example say the PW was 10 msec, with the boost multiplier at the current RPM & MAP at 12%.

12% of 10 is 1.2, making the PW 11.2 msec.

One thing to keep in mind is that the PW calculation uses the MAP value. So as boost increases, along with the MAP reading, the injector PW also increases.

Great, thank you for clearing that up! I'll use this information and press on.

Also, how does the commanded PE play into that? I assure it Will it try and get commanded PE at say 10.8, the out of PE revert to the table, leaning it out to say 11.8 if I have it tuned there?
The commanded AFR (cAFR) is used in the injector PW calculation. The richer it is commanded the larger the injector PW.

I do the N/A & boost fuel tuning the easy way. Use a PE AFR of 12.8 across the board. This is all that is required fuel wise until in high boost. Don't really want or need 10.8:1 when at 0 or even 5 psi of boost.

Once the N/A tuning is done then use the PW multiplier table to create the proper PW for the desired AFR.

Again great information, I've been a bit rusty. I'll get back into into it the next few days, I'll share my progress.

Thank you again sir!
Quick question, I have the DAT hooked up, but doesn't appear to be working. I may have the pot hooked up wrong. Any tips or working suggestions?
Thank you, I did that. I may have it wired wrong? Not sure I hooked the 3 wires up to the pot correctly, can you shed some light?
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Ok, had it wired wrong. Looked back at the schematic and my wiring, I have it sorted now. It's a sweet feature to just change timing on the fly!
Does any one have the injector data for 50 LB MSD /Delphi injectors ?

Juan, what are you plugging the info into? I got some info a few years ago, and this is what I used. It seems like it's impossible to find those numbers.
I am plugging my info into the sfi-6.
I have the 50lB delphi injectors.
These numbers are at what pressure ?
They both run fantastic versus the factory stuff. The SFI-6 has everything you need to get the engine runnings it's best. I'll never run anything else in these cars.