New fuel pressure regulator install


Boost...gotta get some!
Aug 16, 2012
Got my first order of parts from Black Friday deals, thanks for the fast shipping Mike.


Got the new reg dialed in at 42lbs at idle vacuum unhooked.

Where or how are you guys hooking up the vacuum to the new reg? The old formed line and fitting are too big. my current setup works, but need some help visually!
Yeah, the small accufab fitting odd. Make sure you cant pull it off when zip tied.
Go to your local parts store - they usually have a box of assorted vacuum fittings that will work pretty well. I bought a few of the assortment boxes and was able to find one that finally fit. And x2 on using the zip ties. even with proper vacuum fitting going to it, I blew it off a couple of times at 23PSI. Zip ties may seem like they aren't going to look cool, but if you consider them correctly and the position of the "zipper", they don't look bad and are pretty discreet.