Pics of garage full of parts 3000sqft full !!!!!

just stating the obvious.sorry to offend you.good thing your JUST A JUNK PARTS SELLER with those buisness practices(and others that iv'e personally experienced)must have something to do with why you dont have a real job.:rolleyes:ok...i'll f off now.see ya

I'm not defending James here but the both of you need to chill a little. James and I don't always agree but name calling won't help either of you. Please stop.:smile:
just stating the obvious.sorry to offend you.good thing your JUST A JUNK PARTS SELLER with those buisness practices(and others that iv'e personally experienced)must have something to do with why you dont have a real job.:rolleyes:ok...i'll f off now.see ya

maybe i am "JUST A JUNK PARTS SELLER" but i did manage to get around $800-$1200 of your money last year. maybe i dont have a real job either either but.

you earcher are the thief here ripping lenny/boostdeznutzs off for a 8.5 rearend that is worth roughly $900 and you were bragging about it to me last november,last october lenny sold you a gn at a fair $5000 price and gave you a choice of 2 8.5 rears and trusted that you were gonna bring the 2nd oneback and you totally stiffed him, lenny sold you a car and your a "mechanic" out of your tiny little garage and i would of thought you could of made a good decision buying a car instead you had buyers remorse and decided to rip off the guy who trusted you.

and if anybody thinks im lieing about what i am saying about earcher being a thief !!!!! pm boostdeznuts / lenny and he will confirm what i am saying that you earcher with 200 posts and a nobody on this board did indeed ripoff a guy that trusted you !!!

i guess now your secret is out there for everybody to read you probably wished you kept mouth shut and out of my business
I'm looking for the fuel line that hooks up the the fpr. Do you have any of these??? price? Thanks you. AND HOLY CHIT THATS ALOT OF TR PARTS:eek:. I'm jealous.
any luck on one of these

What a Deick, you came to my house heard the engine running and want to take the motor out from there, I offer you to take it back to your shop and return the shell when you done ,you decide to take the shell for the full amount. There were no knock, would you take the motor if it were knocking ? I DONT THINK SO. So who's lying now. You open the motor up at the shop and said the crank is no good and the block is 40 over, first of all I did not know anything about that motor that was in the car. I even offer you 2 rear to choose from to take it with you and return the shell back with one rear. You call and said you not return the rear or the rest of the money you owe me. POS
Earcher is a liar and a thief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ok you wanna you about the fact that engine in the car was no good,had just been out and put together with junk parts.sold to me as solid and ready to go.turns out to 40 over and knocking,but when i called him out on it face to face mind you with the engine in frt of us both,he didnt know what to say.lied to me over and over.i told him to his face here at my shop,that i wasnt giving him any more nothing.he drove back home to nj with his tail between his legs.everything was said in person.I SCREWED NO ONE.
how about one for you now. you come to my shop like a desperate crack whore looking for money so you can get some car you claimed you cant be drive over an hour and ask for me to help with gas money(BUISNESS MUST BE GOOD).you try selling me a set of gn1 heads that had the threads ripped out of one of the rocker pedastals and all buggered up,there was a deep gouge on the headgasket surface that ran right off the edge of the head.i showed you and you said "IF I KNEW IT WAS LIKE THAT I WOULDNT HAVE DRIVEN ALL THE WAY HERE,I'M SORRY".so i bought nothing,no big deal.(HERE COMES THE GOOD PART,READY?)by the time i got home that night,the parts were already listed on this site with not a mention of the issues and no pics showing the were more that willing to send it right up the a$$ of the next guy with no remorse.on that day,i learned what type of individual you were.SO I BET YOU KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT NOW TOO,HUH?

well i guess now your a liar and a thief!!! i never asked about any gas money.yes the heads were helicoiled in where the rockers bolt down big deal it is a way of fixing messed up theads???? what would somebody do throw out a set of $1700 heads because the threads were ripped out? helicoils have been used for years and they are stronger than the aluminum threads that were there.heads came back from champion in the condition that they are currently in they are in 100% ready to run condition and i just think think you didnt have the money to buy the parts and didnt want to tell me and look bad. why dont go back to the oldsmobile world we dont need douchebags like you on this board. AND MY PARTS WERE FORSALE THAT WAS HOW YOU FOUND THEM AND CALLED ME AND BEGGED ME TO BRING THEM UP THERE BE CAUSE YOU WERE SO BUSY:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

no matter what you do to your hacked toghther buick it will still never be a real turbo car therefore never worth anything :)

as far as the car you bought from lenny goes you are a mechanic and looked at the car in person so there is no reason for you to have excuses after the fact unless your a really crappy mechanic which wouldnt surprise could you not hear a knock ??? they didnt teach you to be able to hear that in ase school??? 95% of us did not buy these cars new and if you buy a car used off of somebody that didnt know the motor has been .040 over how are they suppose to tell you? the car you were sold ran and you ripped it all apart. dont worry i am sure nothing has been forgotten and KARMA WILL GET YOU:) have a nice day!!

200 posts and at least 2 people in this thread now hate you and neither one of us are jealous of you either so lets make that clear.good luck in the turbo buick world you havent been in it to long and probably dont know as many people as i do so i will just let everybody now know how you handle your deals and maybe not to many people will want to deal with you in the future
1 yes lenny and i are friends but it started off selling parts to one another and became friends over the last 3 years!
2 name the members and tell the stories lets not leave anything to the imagination( probably more lies)
3 i dont have to give stuff away because i am not a crack head nor have i ever done any drugs ever and i dont drink neither.
4 i have met more people from this board in person and dealt with more people than you ever will and everybody seems to leave happy and if something is a problem i usually offer a solution . Even you seemingly left happy at the time you even called me for parts and advice afterward
5 no matter what you do to your cutlass its still a cutlass not even a 442 lol junk !!! And if your so well off why dont you just buy a REAL turbo car??? I have more cars than you probably ever will. And all my cars are not necessarily perfect and im ok with that since they get driven every single day! Im not trying to make show cars im trying to accumulate restoreable cars with the parts i need for future restorations until they will get driven and beat on everyday like they were intended to do.

Good luck being a famous douche now that everybody knows how you are! You are not under my skin :) its kinda funny i deal with perhaps 1000 people a year on here and in person and your the only person i had a issue with and you ripped off lenny too so your the common denominator and nobody has any complaints about me or lenny . Go check the feedback section i have great feedback so does lenny.

Maybe lenny should start a negative thread about you ripping him off!!! Your a jealous loser, thief who is a liar and wouldnt know the truth if it hit him upside the head.
lenny,first off...i didnt call you and tell you anything.we both stood over that engine and i showed and told you to your told me you had the heads off a day or two before i went to your said you put lifters in it too.the engine had a noise and we both listened to took the engine apart and was pi$$ed it was .40 over.shows 0.40 right on the top of the pistons.then you said,oh i didnt notice that then i found the noise was from the crank/bearing knew what i wanted from you and you lied right to my face.i told you either give me a different engine or you wernt getting nothing back,that either way i was gonna get what i paid for.(in person,not on the phone)since getting involved in the buick community a bit in the last year...ive learned a few things.
1.james and lenny are friends and both would sell you anything to make a buck.even it it means highly misrepresenting their parts and both talk about the other when the other isnt there:confused:
2.anyone thats been around for a while knows you both,and knows your crooks.ive spoken with some very reputable members on here that have told me some scary stories.
3.james is one cocky salesman,thinks this stuff is platinum
4.just because someone has been a member longer than someone else doesnt mean they are not a standup member or good person to deal with.
5.james doesnt have a nice car like most of us.all his cars are basket cases.none of them are nice.(and dont be jealous of my olds.i know its awsome) think i didnt have the money for your parts?yeah ,ok,sure.ive put 18-20 k in my car since november alone.i didnt have the money for $hit iguess your right,i didnt have the money for YOU.
say whatever you want,i'm done now.and thanks for all the exposure today.maybe i'll be as famous on here as you are someday.;) glad i was able to get under skin,loser.

This is not the feedback forum... If you want to start a new thread go ahead. Anything else in the marketplace about this will be removed, warned in advance...

oh yea sorry about that.. 87

i dont have any for the 86-87. One of our canadian members had a real nice looking set i remember seeing before he offered to somebody in the wanted section.

Try placing a wanted ad. Or they do sell new replacement ones