PTS XTREME &, suffers huge loss,


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May 24, 2001
Mark,our office manager, as everyone knows, suffered a massive heartattack over the weekend and is scheduled for open heart surgery today, this afternoon. We are all at a loss for words and PTS will be closed for today, at least. We are going up to the hospital and will remain ther till they throw us out.
All of the shop and employess are going up.
I regret to have to inform you guys of this situation and will keep an update going. PLEASE pray for Mark as he is a good guy!
Tearfully thanking all of you .


WE4 admin.
OH NO!!! I just talked to him last Wednesday......

Sorry and God I hope he makes it!

Keep us posted please Bruce. Thanks!
my thoughts and prayers go out to Mark and his family.

Mark helped me select the parts for my tranny rebuild a couple of years ago. Hell of a nice guy.

Hang in there Mark!
Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear this.
He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers....
At this time.. 1:24 pm pst 11/07/05

Mark is going into open heart surgery. Double bypass. We left as they were prepping him for the surgery. 5-6 hrs worth. Will keep informed.

Pray baby, pray....

wow, i will keep him in my prayers. I hope he knows how much we appreciate him around here. Get well man.
Hang in there pal,He can take it, That operation is pretty standard procedure.Hell be back and better than ever shortly

I will surely be keeping Mark and his family in my prayers, he is an awesome guy,Please keep us posted.

Really sorry to hear about this. Mark we are praying for you and your family. Hang in there buddy.
Heres hoping all goes well and Mark comes back better than ever!
6:30 and still in surgery............

We called at about 6:30 and he was still in surgery. No answers yet.
We got to see him just as they were prepping him for surgery and he has been in there for at least 5-6 hrs.
Talked with his brother at about 8:30 and nobody has heard anything. We are just waiting.
I don't like this long no details thing. It is making me very nervous........ :frown:

Pray , baby, pray.... :rolleyes:

Just got a phone call.

Mark's brother just called and Mark is out of surgery. They aren't going to wake him and keep him incubated till morning. They say, it went well and we will see. They were confident at this point.
So we will keep praying and see what happens.

He was in ICU recovery

And they didn't take him off incubation as of yet that I know of. They prefer to leave him be right now.
Guys, I wish I had more to tell but I do not. They say the next 48-72 hrs will tell the tale.
Keep up the prayers guys and when I do make it up to see him (Worded another way, when they let me see him) I will be sure to print this and take it up. Just the same with the other thread going on here. It always makes people feel better when they KNOW they are being thought about and are being prayed for.
Keep it up.
Thanks again guys and a big Thanks to Russ Merritt, who was there for me when I needed someone today.

Pray, baby, pray

Prayers and well wishes.

Hope the doctors got Mark's Hydraulic issues all corrected. Those cardiac guys can do amazing things these days. I've heard some offer a 10 year warrantee on their rebuilds.