Should I stick with my TH400 or get a stout 2004r?


Jun 2, 2001

Should I stick with my TH400 or get a stout 2004r?

4.1 girdled
218/218 cam
Aluminum Champion heads
70 Turbo
50 lbs inj
3" THDP and Headers
3.5" maf
Precision FMIC
TH400 switch pitch 4500 stall
That would depend on how fast you want to go,but with that engine[I assume that's a stock block 4.1,not a Stage] I would do the 200r4.You'll get the O/D back making long drives much nicer.
Another option......


How about keeping the 400 and having overdrive also?

The Gear Vendors overdrive is pricey, but a stout 2004r can be also.:(

Take Care

Tom Willisford
Go back to a 2004r..;)

Your combo looks very familiar....:confused: :confused:

Did you buy this car from a board member ???

Matt :cool:
A buddy of mine was a 400 in his we4,likes a "reliability" of it,but really misses the OD.
VERY, VERY stout 200's can be built now days for under $2,000.
I would say stick with the Turbo 400.:) But also what are your goals on this motor;)

I went with a Turbo 400 due to the reliabilty and I was willing to give up the overdrive so it will be like driving a early 70s car no problem with that and car not going to see that much or any highway driving exept on a trailer:D

Its what ever u like u can go any way:D
Like I said, it's mostly a weekend warrior. Would like to make the occasional 100 mile plus cruise. I really miss the OD. I am wondering if the 400 is hurting my 1/4 mile time. Will I see a performance gain with the 2004r. My goal is for an easy/consistant mid 10s.
I would go with the 2004R. I had Vince Janis build mine and it will hold a 9.80 car which i will never be there on that time. Price was $2250.
I'd save your money and keep your TH400.I think there is some performance to be gained from switching to a 2004R but you'd probrobly pick up more performance IMHO by getting larger injectors to fuel that motor.I'm just about out of injector with 55's and smaller turbo, heads, and motor.

I went to a 400 with a brake and will never go back. I'm glad I listened to alot of people that had problems with the 200's. I'm sure I saved myself alot of $$$ in the long run. In my opinion a 200 was never meant to go 9's. It can be done there are guys out there doing it, but with very expensive and rare parts. Like cryogenically frozen rear shafts. There's only like one person I know doing that and that's definitely a hassle I dont wanna bother with. Just my .02 Good luck!
Originally posted by TurboDave
VERY, VERY stout 200's can be built now days for under $2,000.

i had my stock tranny rebuilt by Vince Janis and with a billet forward drum and input shaft with everything else solid i paid $1800

drove it on the street 500 miles per week and it shifts AWESOME at WOT and part throttle cruising...if you want a 200-4R tranny rebuilt, Janis knows his stuff...
with 50 lb injectors, you will never make enough power to outgrow even a moderately built 200-4R.......

Unless you are planning more upgrades...?

Hi everyone,

I think my stock 200 is going bad. I was thinking about converting to a switch pitch when I decide to replace it. My car is a street car (for now :) ). I really like the idea of the switch pitch, so I don't have to fight with the stall converter while street driving. Is there a converter that fuctions like a switch pitch converter for the 200. I would rather go that route if there is a way to do so. I just despise the thought of fighting with a 3600 stall on the street. Plus I would like the overdive too. Gotta keep the design of the car somewhat orginal.

Thanks for the input,
when switching from a 2004r to a th400 are there any other requirements to the motor such as a chip burned for the new trans or any otherstuff. In a mildly modded car such as mine do you think a th400 with a brake and a 3400 stall will hurt 1/4mile performance over a 2004r

If you are going to spend over 1500 you should really look at the gear vendors unit. It just a gear spliter hooked on the end of whatever you have. You shift 1 to 1.5-2-2.5-3-3.5. You really get a close ratio six speed with over drive. Very sweet alot a street rod guys and lingenfelter used to use them.
just wondering if past users have given up much performance when switching to a 400 . I have heard good thing when in a car with plenty of hp but was wondering how a mild car such as mine has done in the past
:) stay with the T-400, you will save money in the long run for more go fast parts,the 400 with a brake will lower you 60' times and improve your 1/4 mile times,and they are allot cheaper than $1800 bucks,and you will never worry about your trans again ........