th 400...too much stall?


Nov 9, 2003
Just got my car back together with lots of new stuff. My issue though is regarding my stall converter. I put a th400 in with a 3200-3800 stall. Im just curious what some of you other guys are running as far as stall goes in the 400's? To me, this seems a little too loose. The car seems to want some more throttle to get going. When ordering the converter i figured that it wouldnt stall out as much seeing how its built around a v8 that is why i went for a little larger stall.....
My combo currently is:
Stock engine
50lb injectors
Mease 3in. DP
DIY alky
powerstroke FMIC
and of course the usual fuel pump, hot wired..etc

any advice would be appreciated.
I think with your combination you would want the converter to stall to 3,000-3,200 RPM and flash to 3,500-3,600 range. This converter will act totally different than a stock one, need 3 or 4 hundred more RPM just to get the car moving.
What does the converter actually stall at?
If it stalls much higher than the above numbers I would recommend you send the converter back and tell them what it is actually stalling at and tell them what you want it to stall to be.
This is a common thing to have to go through, there are too many variables to get the desired stall speed right the first go around.