Nov 9, 2003
Havent quite yet got my alky kit hooked up yet but did however get my alky chip from Eric at Turbo Tweak. My question is, can i get away with just running some Xylene for now at 21 degrees and 23 degrees of timing or is that too much timing for a xylene-gas mixture? The only reason i say this much timing is because thats what he made my chip at. BTW im starting off with 91 here in AZ ..it sucks..
OH yeah, how much marvel mystery oil do you add per gallon of xylene? thanks
Yes you can run xylene with the 91 and that chip, worst case scenario will be that you need to lower the boost.

BTW, have you found Xylene for a descent price around here?
Hey Rick,

The cheapest place i found for a 5 gal. can is a paint shop on 29th and Alvernon for 25 bucks...not bad. Same shopping center as eegees i believe. Other places wanted 35 bucks and up.
Cool, smoking deal at $5 a gallon.

Now I am just trying to remember who you are:D All this useless info in my head and I can't keep names straight:eek: