Any Conceal Carry Guys here and your favorite carry


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We own several guns but I carry my Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm most of the time. My wife did carry a Beretta Nano 9mm but has changed to the S&W M&P .380 EZ which is a very smooth gun I recommend it over the body guard. I bought it for her and may go and buy one for myself. :cool:

I also own a Sig 226 .40 cal and a Kimber Pro Carry II .45 ACP.
My wife also has a S&W .38 cal

Always looking for a good deal on a nice gun...


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My winter carry is a Glock 22 , summer carry due to less outer wear and being 5' 6" , is a Ruger LCP . Hunting with pistol only is a whole different matter !!