Lonnie Diers/Extreme Automatics


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Aug 17, 2009
It might take a little longer to get a transmission from lonnie but the wait is worth it. My TH400 shifts strong, fast and smooth. I had to put .018 extra in my box because the Griner brake was so fast compared to what I had; I was amazed. ( this brake is awesome...works in second as well as first)

I did have some trouble with the unit when it first arrived. But Lonnie drove 14 hours to my location to troubleshoot. While he was there he also cut the case, added the bell and drilled/tapped for overflow. He also installed the unit in the car and checked the line pressure.

It doesn't end there..he took the old 3-speed with him and told me he would go over it free of charge.....WOW!

Everyone down here at our little shop was Extremely impressed with Extreme Automatics...LONNIE IS A STAND UP MO-FO !!!!!!!
I dont think you'd get that kind of service from any other companie/individual out there! Good dude for sure!!!!