Still worried about fuel,.. I want to know exactly


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Aug 27, 2003
What kind of pump I have,...

So,.. Did the test today again,..... instead of just squirting gas and seeing that I have good flow... I timed it.

I clamped a hose on the fuel rail and made a switch from the test connector to the red wire at the alternator.

When switched on I topped off a 1 gallon 4 oz gas can in 1 minute and 15 seconds.

A Walbro 340 flows 56 GPH right?? As stated in earlier posts,... looks like I have really good pressure,... 3-4" "head of gas with a 5/16" hose I.D.

I'm not the greatest math genious,...but (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong,... I'm flowing appx. 52 GPH.

What kinda pump does this sound like???

Let me add really quick also that it topped off the tank,..well above the "full" line on the tank..... so really with the extra 4oz (I know it isn't much,... and going over the fill line,.... THikning I'm probably closer to just under a gallon per minute. Anyone????
Sounds like your fine, have to remember if your running off battery voltage during the test, your going to have about another full volt when running to power the pump and that will make a difference.
4 gph isnt' really all that much if you think about it. yea 4 gallons is a lot, but not really compared to 50, and its over an hour. i don't know if that makes any since or not but don't worry about it. your also running through the full fuel system, from the back of your car, through a fuel filter, through 15' of fuel line, and up hill to get over the fender. i'm just guessing here, but i'd bet you mesured this at the fuel rail. in which case everything i just said is going to affect it. between all of that and the car not running like boostkillsstres said, i bet you do have a 340. if you really insist on knowing take the fuel line directly off the pump and measure it from there with the car running. even if its not a 340 you still have plenty of flow.

Thnx for confirming,... I just wantd to hear it again from folks I'm ok,... I'm just too lazy to drop the tank.

BTW,.... roads dried up here yesterday a bit and I tok the car out for the first time since installing the CAI. Holy SHI% it's loud!

When I get off of the gas the compressor surge souds 10 times louder than it did before!!! Yikes!! :eek: