Car Lift @ home anyone have one?


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Nov 30, 2009
After doing head & exhaust work on the TR and all my kids cars, it seems like it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get one. I've been looking at the BendPak lifts in Northern Tool , any pros & cons ?
Bend pak is good. I have a line-o-tronics. Its old but it works. I bought it for the frame off om my limited.To bad your not in chicago. I have a guy that gets used lifts and installs them. He installed a lightly used 10000lb rotary swing arm lift im my friends garage for $2,300. I have seen some cheap lifts like the back yard buddy. I would not go under that lift. well give him a call and maybe he has something you can come pick up if the price is right. His name is Chris 847-697-8096.
Never thought of used as long as the hydraulic motors are not 3 phase, I'll have to check in the upstate NY area . Any dislikes?
I have a Challenger 9000lb lift.No issues in the 6 years I've had it.
Bendpaks look pretty good but it wouldn't hurt to see what you can find used.


2NASSTYBUICKS , Do you have any problems with the symmetric style lift and opening doors on the vehicles ? I think my only problem will be the garage door & opener at 8' high, the rest is 12.5'.
I have a Rotary 7,000 pound capacity, asymetrical. I bought it about 10 years ago and have not had a single problem with it.

Best of luck and once you wax a car at eye level and armorall tires by just spinning the tires you'll wonder why you didn't do it
Greg Smith Equipment

I've got this in my shop. It gets used every day, and has given me no problems. It's very well constructed, and was easy to install, and was priced right.

I've got another bay in the shop without a lift, and I'm planning on putting another one of these in in the spring.
2NASSTYBUICKS , Do you have any problems with the symmetric style lift and opening doors on the vehicles ? I think my only problem will be the garage door & opener at 8' high, the rest is 12.5'.

Not so much with the GN.But my trucks are wider and it's a bit more difficult to squeeze out of them when opening the doors.I have a strip of foam tape on the edge of the lift incase the door contacts the upright of the lift.Actually I'm pretty skinny (160 lbs.) so I don't have much trouble but my neighbor who is around 260 lbs. has a rough time squeezing out of his truck. :biggrin:
Gunslinger, Thanks for the link . I like the 9000lb overhead extra wide they sell. At $1900 it saves me almost a grand over the BendPak I was looking at !! :biggrin: Thanks again Sam
Got mine from an Albuquerque dealer. They apparently get new lifts every 5 years and they auction them off if the techs don't want them. Had it 6 years or so now. 7000 capacity. Vega is taking up that spot now for hybrid build purposes. :biggrin:


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I have a 4-post lift from Greg Smith equipment, 10k Direct Lift, long enough for a extened cab dually. Picked it over the 2-post since I could move it where I wanted to in my pole barn, and not have to anchor it to the floor, works out real nice! I do wish I had a 2-post along with my 4-post though, all depends on what you want to do with it. 99% of the time my regal stays on top of it, and my mowers & tractor are parked underneath it.

Be carefull if you buy used. The hydraulics may not be cheap to repair if needed. Mine took about (4) hours to setup with (2) people, and weighs about 2300 lbs if I remember right.
(2) different style Bend-Paks is a 4 post storage lift and the other a 2 post, never had 1 problem with either unit. They cost a bit more but from what I've heard, BendPak is a good name.......Either way, you'll LOVE a lift in ur garage :biggrin: It makes it fun to work on ur cars (friends will drive u nuts me!) I ordered mine from here and they drop-shipped them to a local trucking warehouse.
I have a Rotary Revolution 9,000lb 4 post. Love it! I get plenty of life out of it, no complaints. In the future I will be buying a Rotary 2 post too :D
This is my panther lift. Had it only about 2 years now, and its more of a storage lift (drive on) than a mechanics lift, however I do alot of work on the cars on it.


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What kind of ceiling height is required?

I probably have the Minimum ceiling height anyone could get away with...10' (true 10') and let me's tight! I would kill for 12' ceilings but my township shot me down when I built my garage....with my Superbee in the air, my gn misses the tires when i park under it by about 3-4" :)
If you do mostly exhaust or oil changes, get a drive on, otherwise a 2 post...I have a 9K lb 2 post where the chain goes across the top (you don't want chain across the floor if you use tranny jack) mine required a 13 ft ceiling...hth

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