Converting to e85 recipe


Boost...gotta get some!
Aug 16, 2012
Im working on upgrades this winter and am looking at going to straight e85. Looking for some help from those that are running it.

Stock turbo and intercooler for now.

Looking to eventually get to mid 11s.

What boost levels should I be looking for from Eric at tt?

Looking to by the following, but need help on what to buy.

Either 60 or 80 lb injectors.
TT340 pump.
Racetronix ss sending unit.
Duttweiler neck.

Already bought the following.
Racetronix hw kit
Accufab FTP regulator
14gauge injector harness

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
I see that you are a new member. Check out the E85 Tech Section for help. 80 lb/hr injectors!
80's for a stock turbo. 120's for any room to grow. Double pumper w/ -8 feed and -6 return...MAYBE TT340 pump or similar pump. Turbo tweak chip (modded ECM for 120's). As far as boost levels 28 psi (set for 25 now) with no problem. That the nice part of can leave it turned up, great for a street car up drive.
Keep in mind, the stock turbo maxes @ 21-23#s on the average, some higher, and some lower.
My original setup was a double pumper (higher voltage) w/ a large (-10) feed and the factory feed used as the return, single fed and it worked in my Stage car at 22lbs/boost just fine on the street ( average "blast" was probably equivalent to 1/8th mile) on a TT chip. What you plan to do with your car is very important, is it going to be a street car that will probably never see a deep 3rd gear pull or are you going to take it to the track and run it all the way out? ( i am now tracking it so I changed my system considerably) If your going to track it, overbuild the system past mid 11's to be safe on the top end with a nice sized feed & big injectors (120's would probably allow u to grow for a long time w/o problems) and the stock feed as the return should suffice for your power levels for quite awhile. Regardless of which fuel pump you choose, see how much flow it can handle and at what may need to increase voltage to whatever pump you choose. I will be selling my modded ecm & 120's along with a full powerlogger setup in the next few weeks if that's your route, I switched to xfi.
I would be interested in your combo when you get ready to sell it. Are the 120s going to give me trouble while I'm upgrading(too big for stock turbo)
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I am converting a stock car here this upcoming week. Here is what it will have...
Turbo Tweak E-85 5.7 chip TT 340 pump and his 80# injectors
Wow, over 30lbs sounds so high. I'll probably try to stay close to 20 with the stock turbo. Can't wait to start the tire executions.:D
80lb injectors. That new 416L/hr pump and sender assembly from racetronix with wiring. -8 feed line and a -6 return. 5858 turbocharger. TT chip.

28" tires, CK shift kit, and a good converter like a non-lock PTC.
I can help answer a few of your questions. Shoot me a PM. How far are you from Iowa?
I recently converted my car to use 100% e85. It has the stock turbo and IC, stock block and heads. It's not a track car, just street cruising. I went with the 60 lb injectors and chip from Turbotweak. Eric has said you can get to mid 11's on 60's and I'm not even close to that so it seems fine. I believe with 80 lb injectors you need more than a single pump so there is no point in doing 80's or larger unless you are doing a double pump setup which I didn't want to do as I just bought a Walbro 340 last year. 20 psi boost with no knock at all and it pulls hard!