Do I need dual nozzle


Jun 20, 2001
Under my signature is my 87 looking for mid to high 10s I plan to run 50% 93 octane and 50% c16 race fuel and single nozzle alky. What should I do run dual nozzle and run just 93 or what's Best... About to order dual nozzle just wanted confirmation
Hard to know your exact octane when mixing.. I tried the same... Just go with 93 and dual nozzle.. Your goals are achievable..
Single nozzle is good into low 130mph power. Some go faster than that with the single nozzle but 130 should be safe and get you easy mid 10's. Dual nozzle is harder to tune.
No need to mix the fuel either but a few gallons for safety probably won't hurt anything. I prefer to tune with pump gas only though as not enough timing and race gas will hurt power and too much timing on pump gas, well, you know. And why not just make it run like a scolded cat all the time regardless of at the track or not?
Single nozzle and good tune will net you mid 10's no problem, no need for racegas
Some cars need 2 nozzle's for high 10's, others need 1 nozzle for low 10's. It all depends on your setup, how efficient it is, and how sensitive to knock it is.

As mentioned before, 2 nozzles can be a little trickier to tune, so try to push the 1 nozzle as far as you can before switching. You can push the 1 nozzle much further if you're mixing in race fuel.