Stranded. Fuel pump is not running.


Jul 24, 2010
Just pulled into a Sunoco to get gas. Shut the car off. Now it won't start.

The dash mounted FP gauge stays at 0.

Fuses ok. The grounding tab is secure on the tank.

I've got no tools or wire on me. Now I'm walking.

I'm gonna try to power up that single black wire under the alt and see if the pump runs once I get back to the car.

Any suggestions appreciated.

This sux!
kick the fuel tank, it might get the pump going one last time
Been there done that. Try jumping/bypassing the relay. Connect the wire from the alt. to the wire running to the pump. Had this happen on a long trip. PITA as you have to connect/disconnect when cranking and shutting off. HTH.
Just hotwired that factory black wire near the alt. ...nothing.

Banged like crazy on the trunk floor. ..nothing.

Moved the ground strap. Checked for ground. Ok.

A Towtruck is coming. Oh man..
Check both fuses? Hot wire and factory?

I usually pull the factory fuse as a theft deterrent when in its garage. Looks ok. I swapped it with another fuse in the box anyway. Still nothing.

The small Hotwire fuse looks ok. I jumped the 2 terminals in the plug. Still nothing.

I hope it's not the pump. I was one of the first ones to jump on the DW301 bandwagon.
The pump only has a few thousand miles on it. It can't be that. ??
Hotwire kit? Plug it up the regular way the relay may be bad not the pump.
If you have a meter check for 12vdc after the hot wire relay , if you have it there, drop the tank and check the next connection at the bulk head connector (both outside and inside connections). If the connections look good it points to the pump.
If something has it jammed maybe a reverse polarity bump would free it?
Sucks man hope you have AAA . Happened to me last week in my truck.
I'm getting power from the front. .. The fat red wire coming from the alternator is hot at the relay. So,the relay is getting power.

The red coming OUT of the relay is dead,as checked at the weather pack. (Pic)

So,I plugged the pump into the original plug. ...nothing. The only power I'm getting from the factory weather pack is in the center,and its very dim according to my testlight.

All fuses up front are good as tested.

There's no chance water got in the relay. This car hasn't been driven in the rain or even sat in the rain in 3yrs.

I gotta sit back and figure out what's going on here.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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Try jumping pin c and d on the factory fuel pump relay plug. The one on the passenger fender.
Try jumping pin c and d on the factory fuel pump relay plug. The one on the passenger fender.

Thanks. I'll try that tomorrow after work. I just don't want to overlook something and fall into the trap of dropping the tank and replacing the relay only to have things still not work once I get it all back together.

So far,I haven't heard of any of these DW pumps failing.
I had a similar situation happen to me and I too am running the DW pump w/hotwire.

I dropped the tank and found that some of the wiring on the sender inside the tank was literally fried. I was using a stock (newer) sender and an adapter from a Walbro as to avoid any splicing of the wires to plug into the DW pump. My theory (although I'm an amatuer) is that the DW pump was pulling too many amps for the factory sender wiring to support the pump. This, or that possibly the connection in the adapter harness was weak and, over time, led to the failure of the sender wiring. I am in the process of upgrading to the Racetronix G7 hanger which has heavier gauge wiring and is a true plug and play for the pump-virtually eliminating these two factors. Also, be sure that your hotwire is well-grounded.

Good luck on narrowing it down....let us know what you find.
Jump the two fat red wires at the relay if possible.
Use a 30 A. Piece of wire or paperclip.
Should run. Soynds like a bad relay or low voltage on original pump wiring (bad stock relay or wiring).
I agree with salvageV6....low voltage to hot wire relay may not be enough to pull it in and allow the voltage to continue through to the pump. Jump the hot wire relay , red into relay to red out of relay. It doesn't need to be 10 gauge wire to test it 16 gauge is plenty because you are only trying to see if the pump comes on. Sam
Try jumping pin c and d on the factory fuel pump relay plug. The one on the passenger fender.

I'm at this again..

There are 2 relays over there. I'm not sure which one is the pump relay.

I do hear one of those relays click about 3 seconds after turning the key on.

I'd like to Hotwire this pump directly at the pigtail weather pack.

I've got 3 wires.
Gray (which has to be power since the red from the relay goes to it)

Which one of those should I ground to see if this pump works?
Jump accross the relay itself.

Fat red feed from alternator which should have power and the red output wire that goes to the gray wire in that connector.

Don't ground anything.

That's the hot wire relay too NOT the factory fuel pump relay on the fender.