John force Hurt 9/23/07

Jonh force was hurt today.

It looks like when Kenny hit the cone at the end of the track, the cone knocked something, possibly a piece of carbon fiber in to Johns car blowing out the tire and causing him to go in to the wall.


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Thats a timing marker.. Looks like he hit the 1000 ft marker and it hit the back of Force's car.
FCs are designed to split at the motor plate - driver one way, motor the other.

I wonder if John will pull the plug now? I also wonder what Ashley's future holds, as well as the future of Robert Hight and the rest of John's team.

Those drivers stare death in the face everytime they get in that car. Force has said it before.He will never quit. that guy has been in more wrecks than probably any fc driver.He is a little older now.Just dont tell him that.He is probably trying to figure out how to get in the car with casts on his legs.That man is crazy so is his daughter.They have more guts than i will ever have. God bless john and his family.
Man I don't believe that the box that protects the timing equipment could have been thrown directly into Johns car at over 300mph they were virtually even i think he had a tire come apart just like Medlins car. NHRA showed the tires on T.Pedregons car after one pass today they were destroyed I mean chunked and the tread section was coming apart. NHRA said it was because the track was exceptionally sticky today. It appears that Goodyear has some work to do to fix this problem. I wonder why some teams are going to Hoosiers. JMO
Yeah very bad wreck. Glad he is going to be ok. Think he was going to surgery tonight. Compound fracture of his ankle, abrasions all the way to the bone on one of his knees, and a dislocated and broken wrist plus various other smaller injuries. I dont see John hanging it up after this but I do think he will consider it for quite awhile before he makes his decision. Just what these drivers go through every week they know what they are getting into when they strap themselves into an 8000 hp moving bomb. I was a little worried when I first heard the news today that it would be really bad. Thoughts go out to his family and friends tonight.

This is what I think happened.

Kenny hit the timing marker cone, the cone got caught between the tire and the carbon fiber infront of the tire. The carbon fiber falls to the ground as the cone is slung out to the side. The carbonfiber sticks to the tire as it rolls over the hot scammer tire and the piece is flung at high velocity at johns tire. If you look at the video you'll see as the timing marker is halfway between the cars as something flies extremly fast towards johns car hitting it before the cone does.
I thought they said the LEFT rear tire blew :confused:

That box is made of styrofoam. It has 2 small reflectors like on a bycicle spoke. No question that it was a tire failure. But did the timing block cause it. Thats to be determined. Sure the block was shot that way , but that doesnt mean the block caused it. It is not uncommon to have tire failures at these speeds and power levels. The track was very tight. Tight = sticky=fast= hard on tires.

Rod Fullers made a pass where Tony Shumaker took notice of the extreme chunking of one of "shorties" tire during an interview. There were pieces missing and hanging off , but it stayed together..

Design or not, the car came apart before any crash occured. What hit KBs car was the front half of JF car. I believe there were a few probelms of Forces car that showed themselves in this incident.
Your just a monkey in a rocket when you take a pass in one of those cars. I hope hes gonna be okay...
I was there Friday night and got to talk breifly to John and shake his hand that night, also got to get Ashley to sign my Trans Am shirt :) I don't think she noticed it wasn't a Ford shirt :D Looks like he is going to be fine, wonder if this will make it onto his show on A&E.
The tire/s blowing would not cause the car to come apart. The timing cones were a mere coincdence of the whole incident. The car is designed to come apart to seperate the driver from the engine,yes, but I'm pretty sure it is not designed to leave the driver's legs dangling from a rolling cockpit as you can clearly see in slooooow motion. (Love Tivo) Something blew besides a tire to seperate the car. My opinion.